Stay Safe in the Summer Heat

Most of the time, high temperatures are welcome. Summer heat means trips to the beach and outdoor activities, but hot, sizzling heat, and humidity can be demanding. The human body normally cools itself by sweating, but in extreme heat and humidity that's not enough. Perspiration doesn't evaporate easily on hot and humid days, and that means the body must work harder to maintain a normal temperature. You may find yourself breathing rapidly, feeling weak, faint, confused, or you may have a headache. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion can follow and hot temperatures can also worsen existing health conditions.

Learn tips on safety during extreme heat! click here.





Sign Up for Rapid Notify - North Shore's Mass Notification System

The North Shore is a safe place to live however, a serious emergency event affecting ones health and safety can happen anywhere and at any time.

The Rapid Notify emergency notification system is used by police, fire, or our emergency operations center to notify as many residents and businesses as quickly as possible to emergency situations. Calls are delivered to phone numbers generated from white pages data and is delivered in a simple and clear voice message, in addition if you self-register, you can receive messages to your cell phone, or by text and email. Click here to self-register.



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