Winter Weather is Coming

Are You Ready for Fall Weather?

Rain, wind, and snow can cause local flooding, debris flows, and power outages. It can also make rivers and creeks flow high and fast which can be dangerous if pets or people fall in.  Try to reduce impacts to your home by clearing leaves and debris from gutters and catch basins so that you don't have localized flooding. If you live near waterways, stay alert for changing conditions and rising water levels. For more information on hazards and what you can do go to

Have an emergency plan and make a kit. For more information go to

EARTHQUAKE! ShakeOut don't Freak Out!

We live in earthquake country and although a few thousand earthquakes happen every year, only a few of them are large enough to cause damage.

Do you know what to do if an earthquake hits? DROP, COVER, HOLD-ON! Join the Great BC ShakeOut earthquake drill on October 16 at 10:16 a.m. Go to to register and find out more info.

Who depends on you? What if you can't get home because the roads or bridges are blocked or broken? You can make a plan and create an emergency kit - go to

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