What to do in an Evacuation


  • Take your grab & go bag and any medications you require.
  • Close & lock your windows and doors.
  • Move quickly & calmly.
  • Follow instructions provided by emergency officials.
  • Send a message to your out of area contact.

 Evacuation Preparation

North Shore Flooding

Were you affected by the recent flooding on November 3 & 4?

You may be eligible for financial support under British Columbia’s Disaster Financial Assistance Program.

 Emergency Management BC website

Holiday Safety

Make the most of this time of year to enjoy the company of family and friends and experience the best that the holidays have to offer. 

If embarking on a travel journey during the holidays, make sure you have considered road conditions and travel preparedness plans.

If enjoying the abundant recreation opportunities on the North Shore during the holidays, click here for 5 tips to stay warm, safe and enjoy your winter, inside and out!