Rapid Notify Alerting System


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The North Shore is a safe place to live however, a serious emergency event affecting ones health and safety can happen anywhere at any time.

The Rapid Notify emergency notification system is used by Police, Fire, or our emergency operations center to notify as many residents and businesses as quickly as possible to emergency situations. Calls are delivered to phone numbers generated from white pages data and is delivered in a simple and clear voice message. In addition if you self-register, you can receive messages to your cell phone, or by text and email.  All calls are generated and tracked by computer to make sure every number is called - more than once if necessary. The system can call each number up to two separate times, a few minutes apart, until a connection is made. So if you don't hear one call, there'll be another. If you are not home, your answering system will record the message.

Contact information in the Rapid Notify system is completely confidential and has been obtained from the emergency services database of listed telephone numbers.

Rapid Notify is funded by Canexus as part of their Responsible Care Program. It is a cooperative effort between Canexus and public safety authorities in your municipality - including Police, Fire, Ambulance, and the North Shore Emergency Management Office.



In addition, a self-registration feature allows individuals to self-register landline (listed and unlisted), cell phone, e-mail, SMS, and pager information. This information will be added to our database. Self-Registration is easy and takes only a few minutes to complete. Click here to register.  

Signing up for Rapid Notify is free however, you may be charged by your cell phone provider for incoming calls, text messages (premium), and/or data. Please contact your cell phone service provider to inquire about the cost.

Note: All of your information is secure and stored off-site in Canada through Rapid Notify. You have the opportunity to opt-in and opt-out of the self-registry at any time.

You are on alert with the North Shore's Rapid Notify system. Just answer your phone, check your email, or read a text!


Please Read Before Completing Self-Registration Form

RAPID NOTIFY Self registration form is for North & West Vancouver residents & businesses only. Other municipality registrations will be VOID

1. You must complete all fields marked with a red * 

2. City field must be written in full e.g. North Vancouver or West Vancouver

3. Full postal code is required without spaces/ dashes e.g.V7L2N4

4. No dashes/ dots/ spaces in phone numbers. Area code required e.g. 6049697000

5. An email notification will be sent to your email to verify your registration. You must verify or your registration will be void.

If you do not fill out this form correctly, your registration will be VOID


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