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Emergency Preparedness and You!

A free 2-1/2 hour workshop on personal emergency preparedness based on an all hazards approach. By preparing ahead, you can reduce the fear, anxiety and loss that accompany disasters. Learn about safe food and water supplies, utilities, sanitation, out-of-area contacts, what to put in your home emergency kit, and more.  Sign-up now.

Disaster Response and You!

A free 2 hour workshop on how to respond during a disaster, what to think about if asked to evacuate, what to put in a "Grab & Go" bag, what resources are available, and more. Sign-up now.

Preparedness in a Day

Don't have much time? Take both of our free workshops, Emergency Preparedness Begins with You and Disaster Response and You, in a day! Sign-up now.

Business Emergency & Employer Preparedness

A free 1 hour workshop intended to introduce basic information, tools, & suggestions on how to prepare your business to respond to hazards and risks. Sign-up now.

Emergency Preparedness in Childcare Facilities

 A free 2 hour workshop designed for childcare workers covering an all hazard approach to emergency preparedness. Maximum 3 registrations per Childcare Centre. Sign-up now.

Emergency Preparedness for Dog Walkers

 A free 2 hour workshop designed for commercial dog walkers. This presentation will cover basic hazard, safety and preparedness information tailored to businesses that provide dog walking services. Sign-up now.